Just thought this was hilarious...

LOGO'S [From Old to New]


I must say i agree with this guys blog how the older logos seem to have more simple and bold definition. The new ones, are good, nicely executed. But it doesn't give that simplicity as a logo. Saul Bass is an inspiration. We have to leave his legacy and his 'style' because it is very essential to our value in design.



One of the few games i've played and like from my childhood. I remember this game when Super Famicom just came out. It was just so addicting. Memories...



Its just nice to see album covers being illustrated again. This is the illustrated cover of Pinback's new album. Pretty cool. Very 90s looking for some reason.



The Incredibles is probably my favorite Pixar animation. Second would be Toy Story. The other works don't appeal to me at all. Its just so well done. Just love how its got that art deco style mixed with the 50 retro style. Its just a brilliant animation.



I have a love and hate relationship with this shoe. First i like the design because of its resemblance to Spiderman. Second, its cool and light and comfortable but its hard to match clothes with it. Third, i have had this shoe since like 10th grade so almost 7 years now and still in perfect condition. I've probably worn it for about 25 or so times so far in those 7 years.


Consider this manga to be my bible as Toriyama would be my god and mentor. I wouldn't be here today as an 'artist' if it wasn't for this man. Truly my favorite. I love his storytelling, sequential imaging, hatching techniques, character development, and mechanical designs.


This is an awesome Genie piece. I would so want this on my desk. Another useless but cool WANTS.


(Excuse the signature, this is the best i can find...)

Most likely he and Wolverine will have to fight for the first place. I like Spiderman for his acrobatic skills and his really awesome costume design. The first movie really did it for me. Truly a great character.


Its cliche but i still love Wolverine as a character and as a design. Its his deal rough dude and don't fuck me attitude that comic book fans probably admire about him. Not to mentioned the claws and his way of jumping you like a dog.


I was biking on my way to Wicker Park. And right on Henderson street i saw this damn toy hanging from someones sedan and scared the shit out of me. I swear to god i nearly fell of my bike. Not to mention few seconds before that my jeans got caught on the bike. I seriously thought it was real.

After getting scared from the toy it flashed an old memory of me back in third grade at my dads old home. I was with my two girl cousins and my cousin Yutaka had one of these. And i kept on playing with the damn thing i made my cousins laugh so hard. I can hardly remember what exactly i did but i remember playing with it a lot.

Good times. Haven't seen those cousins since.


I might have mentioned him before in this blog. So this might be a doubled or clone blog i guess. Anyway, i enjoy a lot of Struzans illustration. His works are well recognized and respected that so many people copy his way of work. Even i do. I think the cover art to Angels & Airwaves site reminded me of his work again, which i'm wondering whether he had anything to do with that bands art work or someone just simply resembled his work.



I'm currently on a Hitchcock phase. This is one of the few once i want to see next. Very Saul Bass and beautifully designed poster.



Just saw this trailer. As most of you may know, i love robots. I've loved robots since i was 5. Even got in trouble in school for doing nothing but draw robots. This future Pixar movie was definitely made for me.