Armored Police METALJACK

i still have the toys from the show. Probably one of my favorite toys i ever owned. I`m writing about this since i recently watched the old anime series on DVD from beginning to end. I haven`t had the chance to do that all these years. The series was still good to watch. Just Dream On...



this is my favorite brand recently. a lot of their products are nicely designed. really simple. not too many of them are around the city. only 3 i know from looking at their website. the packaging, to the design of the products, to the logo.


Calvin Klein 365 Boxer Briefs

I've been really caught up on buying pretty expensive underwear for a reason. I've lately been buying underwears by Levi's, Outdoor Products, Body Wild, Tulex, BVD, Arnold Palmer, etc.

I guess for once i realize underwear could be something as important as a shirt. What next...socks?

Fred Perry

I got myself a Fred Perry shirt. The stripes are in Italian color. I guess i got that one since i didn't see it out of all the stores i've gone around.

Lately i've been buying a lot of polo type shirt.


HONDA Zoomer

I see this bike all over the place here and i really love the design. Its got this outdoor like look and just has a unique look for a bike. Although i wouldn't really know which color would be best...