CASIO G-Shock [G8100-1]

My second G-Shock watch. This time its a digital watch. Love the simple design. Again its an all black. Seems to be my theme color these days.


Garakuta Boeki

This is probably one of my favorite store that i stop in whenever i'm in Ueno Ameyoko area. I didn't realize there was also one in Shibuya, just need to know where exactly it is. Place is huge. But i've been tons of stuffs from the store. A lot of things to see. I've bought my Freshjive and Obey shirts there. I especially like the random goodies they have there. I remember i also bought my american post box bank there too. Such a fun place to go.

NIKE Reversible Fleece Windrunner Jacket

Got this yesterday at the Nike store. Just what i was looking for. I've been looking around for some type of hoodie or sweater, but something new and something different. I looked all over the place and Nike had it. I like the fact that its reversible. I don't have these colors, but mine are brown and mocha with a light blue logo on it.


GRAVIS Jetway Travel Bag

Got this travel bag today. I guess i`m really into Gravis Footwear products. I also like this material recently. Its the same material for my wallet, my messenger bag, and the North Face DJ bag. Loving the various pockets and opening and closings of the bag.


SLAMDUNK [Complete Edition]

I've been recollecting the Slam Dunk comic book. Only this time, its the complete edition, meaning the books are bigger and compiled with two volumes in one book. We used to have the old version but my brother gave it to a friend as a gift. The books have new illustrated cover by Inoue Takehiko, which they look pretty sweet. Reading it all over again right now. Currently have 8 volumes.


Gravis is probably my favorite shoe brand. This is my third pair to own and its a mid top. The design reminds of Jordan shoes which is probably why i like it. It is really comfy. Lately i've been really into black, gray, and red, color schemes.