I recently treated myself to a new TV. Recently, well pretty much yesterday. And its change my lifestyle a bit thankfully. Its been years since i've seen actual Japanese television in real time. I've been mostly watching it in files or youtube and its strange to see it live after awhile. I looked around for TVs, by price, and by the brand types. I ended up with a flat panel HDMI LCD TV by byd:sign. Not a brand we hear of everyday but the design, the 16 inch wide display and the fact that i can use it as a monitor for my laptop was something too good to be true. The price was $350 but i'd much rather spend on a tv this much and be able to sell it some place rather than an old $80 tube tv which i can't sell at all.

This isn't the exact photo of my TV but you can get the idea of the design. It looks like it would look great next to a PS3, although i have no interest whatsoever in purchasing one...



This was a dark b/w biopic of Ian Curtis, the vocalist from Joy Division. Charlie spoke to me about this film months ago and gave me a copy of it. Just watched it tonight and thought it was brilliant. I don't know much about Joy Division but its name and a bit of its sound. But its always good to know the bio of the man behind the microphone.

The image cover of this film is also creative. Still keeps that b/w which got me off guard at first but forgot about later on.


DR.STUART'S : Extraordinarily Good Teas

I recently saw these teas sold at a import food shop in Shin Marunouchi Building in Otemachi / Tokyo station. For a tea packaging i thought it was very creative and quirky. Made me want to buy the tea. Maybe i'll pick up next time i go there again.