CASIO G-Shock [G8100-1]

My second G-Shock watch. This time its a digital watch. Love the simple design. Again its an all black. Seems to be my theme color these days.


Garakuta Boeki

This is probably one of my favorite store that i stop in whenever i'm in Ueno Ameyoko area. I didn't realize there was also one in Shibuya, just need to know where exactly it is. Place is huge. But i've been tons of stuffs from the store. A lot of things to see. I've bought my Freshjive and Obey shirts there. I especially like the random goodies they have there. I remember i also bought my american post box bank there too. Such a fun place to go.

NIKE Reversible Fleece Windrunner Jacket

Got this yesterday at the Nike store. Just what i was looking for. I've been looking around for some type of hoodie or sweater, but something new and something different. I looked all over the place and Nike had it. I like the fact that its reversible. I don't have these colors, but mine are brown and mocha with a light blue logo on it.


GRAVIS Jetway Travel Bag

Got this travel bag today. I guess i`m really into Gravis Footwear products. I also like this material recently. Its the same material for my wallet, my messenger bag, and the North Face DJ bag. Loving the various pockets and opening and closings of the bag.


SLAMDUNK [Complete Edition]

I've been recollecting the Slam Dunk comic book. Only this time, its the complete edition, meaning the books are bigger and compiled with two volumes in one book. We used to have the old version but my brother gave it to a friend as a gift. The books have new illustrated cover by Inoue Takehiko, which they look pretty sweet. Reading it all over again right now. Currently have 8 volumes.


Gravis is probably my favorite shoe brand. This is my third pair to own and its a mid top. The design reminds of Jordan shoes which is probably why i like it. It is really comfy. Lately i've been really into black, gray, and red, color schemes.



I recently treated myself to a new TV. Recently, well pretty much yesterday. And its change my lifestyle a bit thankfully. Its been years since i've seen actual Japanese television in real time. I've been mostly watching it in files or youtube and its strange to see it live after awhile. I looked around for TVs, by price, and by the brand types. I ended up with a flat panel HDMI LCD TV by byd:sign. Not a brand we hear of everyday but the design, the 16 inch wide display and the fact that i can use it as a monitor for my laptop was something too good to be true. The price was $350 but i'd much rather spend on a tv this much and be able to sell it some place rather than an old $80 tube tv which i can't sell at all.

This isn't the exact photo of my TV but you can get the idea of the design. It looks like it would look great next to a PS3, although i have no interest whatsoever in purchasing one...



This was a dark b/w biopic of Ian Curtis, the vocalist from Joy Division. Charlie spoke to me about this film months ago and gave me a copy of it. Just watched it tonight and thought it was brilliant. I don't know much about Joy Division but its name and a bit of its sound. But its always good to know the bio of the man behind the microphone.

The image cover of this film is also creative. Still keeps that b/w which got me off guard at first but forgot about later on.


DR.STUART'S : Extraordinarily Good Teas

I recently saw these teas sold at a import food shop in Shin Marunouchi Building in Otemachi / Tokyo station. For a tea packaging i thought it was very creative and quirky. Made me want to buy the tea. Maybe i'll pick up next time i go there again.


Design Tshirts Store Graniph

This is a store thats pretty much all over Japan. I think its a recently established store. A lot of the design seem Japanese + European. The designs on the shirts remind me a lot of 2k by Gingham or some shirts sold in Threadless. Notice they use Helvetica in a lot of their modern contemporary design. They do sell Helvetica shirts. Which i still have yet to own one...

Shirts are in pretty reasonable price. One shirt for about $26, 2 for $42. So it isn't that bad. I think the good qualities are the fact that you can get shirts in different colors and sizes.



Check out the video:


As soon as i saw the monkey, i knew right away it had to do with Hewitt and Albarn. Just seeing the character design it truly is recognizable. Great opening video and makes you excited about the olympics.


GUDANG GARAM [Indonesian Cigarettes]

This is the original taste of the Djarium Black. Black is more softer and barely has what Gudang Garam has. My parents used to smoke this a lot as a kid and this was probably the main reason why i wanted to smoke, because of the smell of this cigarette.



A brand i recently learned from seeing a store in Tsudanumas Morrisia mall. Its a Swedish outdoor brand and something i've never seen before. The designs are interesting. Something fresh since i mostly seen North Face, Patagonia, Montbell, and LL Bean. Loving the logo with the fox on it.


CUBE by Audio Technica

So i picked up a new set of ear phones for my ipod shuffle. I was at K's Denki and found this one. It was for 980 yen which is pretty cheap. I was originally planning to get some type of headphones but ended up with this one.

I might get the headphones some other time though. It was 2000 yen and it had a nice slick design. I love Audio Technica products compared to Sonys.


Gravis TARMAC PTII [White + Shadow]

So i bought my second pair of Gravis Tarmac. I think its rare that i've bought the same pair of shoes. Although this is slight different from my creme colored Tarmac which i still have. This time its white with grey shadow colors and red logo type color. So it has a slick futuristic color scheme.

These shoes are so comfy. Although they may seem bulky, its just comfortable.

Actually I did buy two of the same pairs of Saucony Jazz. Only difference was the color variations. Sadly i don't have them with me anymore.


This cigarette is probably the main reason why i wanted to smoke. My parents used to smoke it and it had such a nice scent compared to a regular cigarette. So i was dying to smoke it while growing up. I started smoking occasionally from the age of 22. Still an occasional and social smoker. So i rarely buy a pack of cigarettes or basically don't buy it as much or pretty much never...



Just bought this figure last month. I haven't bought a figure in a long time. This figure is probably about the same size as the 80s GI JOE toy i collected from Hasbro back when i was a kid. This has more flexibility though since its a Micro Man series.

Pretty cool looking Wars Man. Much nicer, cooler, and sharper looking then the toy i bought back in the 90s.


Weider in Jelly

Its been awhile i posted something. Nothing since january i noticed. Well any sick designs ive seen lately. Would be this Weider in Jelly drink. I've been drinking it pretty much almost everyday. Its a nice jelly drink. Easy to drink and somewhat fills you up. Keeps me from being hungry all the time.


El Orfanato [ The Orphanage ]

This movie is just traumatizing. Its not a scary thriller movie. It kind of is but isn't. The trailer just misleads. Its just one of those movies which you just have to see and not expect the things you expect right away. Great casts and i especially found the foreign language to be more powerful than in the language which we mostly are familiar with.

Wow. This movie is getting me thinking...


Saucony Original BULLET

[for better look] http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/22248411/c/110889/reviewcount/15.html#mr

I just got a pair of these babies. Very retro. Very low and narrow and soft. It feels like a hybrid of my grey Asics shoes and my Puma Morpheus. Was only $47. Sweet! Got 'em for my birthday.

This is probably my fourth pair of Sauconys. I first had the Shadow. Then i had my Jazz in white grey and black. Then i had the same Jazz but in blue, dark blue, and accent neon green.

This is a little different from the Shadows and Jazz since its lower and much lighter.


Pink Lady

Pink Lady was a famous Japanese female pop duo. They were big in the late 70s and 80s. I know of them through my mom. I always hear her talk of them and for some reason i start downloaded a few of their tracks. Its also because of Downtowns episode on Pink Lady, which made me want to research and listen to their tracks. I guess its all because of the Downtown show. If i don't know anything about Pink Lady, then i can't laugh at their jokes.

Listening to their songs now just brings that nostalgic feeling of that time. I can't feel the nostalgic memory obvious since i wasn't born at the time. But you know what i mean. When you hear the oldies, you feel the oldness of that time, even if you don't even have a recollection.

Luckily i have YouTube to bring me back to that era to show me the clips when Pink LAdy was around.


I have a pair of these and its been a great pair. i recall that i bought my pair at Untitled over on Clark and Diversey. I was hanging out with my friend Nikki and that shoe just so happened to be on sale for like $35. So i bought it right away. Its usually great during winter. Other shoes make my toe numb but this shoe doesn't. I guess its all because this shoe was sort of built for the winter and so the exterior part of the hoe is very strong from taking the cold air into the interior of the shoe. Plus if a shoe looks good when you are wearing shorts and pants. Thats a plus. Well a plus for me that is. I'm very particular when i buy pairs of shoes. They have to be compatible with any clothes i wear and when i wear shorts and pants.



I saw these at target and had to get them. Why in the world would Lego collaborate with Eggo? Because they sound alike...or simply Legos just kick ass!



I just watched this movie last weekend and it was worth it. It was very last minute. Watched the trailer in the morning then all of a sudden i just had the urge to see it that day. Looked up the schedule online and biked over to the Davis Theater over on Lincoln Square. I like the Davis Theater because its old plus its cheap. $5!

The movie was very sarcastic, very modern. Definitely something the kids today will enjoy and can learn something from watching the movie. It had that same feeling of Napoleon Dynamite, not as crazy and random, but also has that simplicity like The Squid and the Whale.