I don't recall where i first tried this drink but its one of my favorite foreign drinks. I recently discovered that i can drink it at this Columbian chicken place. According to my friend from Ecuador its a cheap and supposedly a nasty drink. But to me, i guess since i'm not a native, its something different and fulfilling. Probably an equivalent to a Japanese melon soda or to an Amercan cream soda.



Another great film noir poster. Really nice and dramatically illustrated.


I have a fetish for film noir posters. This poster spoke to me when i was at the Landmark theater. Its just so dramatic and creative. Now in my list to see for sure.


Was at Landmark theater and saw this poster. Very old school 70s feeling. Love the usage of avant garde-esque typeface. Almost feels like an album cover.



Banksy is a perfect example of an street artist who literally puts a connection to the relationship of space and time. His stencils on walls, grounds, pretty much anywhere, gives a connective relationship to the people who see it. And especially to the environment to where that stencil is placed. Reminds you of those trick paintings on the wall where it looks like a rhino is coming at you or a guy is stealing a painting. He puts such great humor into them as well.



I recall this live-action + animation movie back when i was a kid. I knew there was something to it but i couldn't put my finger as to what was wrong with the movie. Obviously it was the sex in the cartoon. Very unrated movie. Only a few people would know if this films existence as people said it was shit compared to Roger Rabbit. But the thing is, it isn't and very far from it. People seem to associate animation to Disney. Even Ghibli. But not everything is 'Disney-fied'. Cool World had its own flavor too. I honestly would wanna see it today and even own it just the fact that its rare and it was one of the old school movies where Brad Pitt was not even well-known yet. I just felt some bizarre connection to this movie. For its creepiness and surreal quality. Besides the hot Holli character played by Kim Basinger. But initially the concept of a cartoonist going into his own cartoon world is just simply an awesome idea. And truly fucked up.



Currently watching the third series of the Gundam epic created by Tomino Yoshiyuki. Somewhat of a continuing installment to the Zeta Gundam series. Always wanted to watch Zeta and ZZ. Just loved the fact that it takes three vehicles to make the ZZ. Loving everything about it right now.


(shitty quality, here is a better quality http://www.magazine.org/Editorial/40-40-covers/26.jpg>

I love this image of Mia Farrow. She was so cute and adorable in The Great Gatsby.

My next movie to see. Love the type and the little silhoutte of the baby carriage.

NIKE 'MOVE' [music by Jonathan Elias]

My favorite Nike Commercial. Its just edited so well, and never seen anything like this how they've mixed all the sports together but really well sequentially. The music just fits perfectly and gives this sentimental feeling to it.



Dana Gil mentioned to me about this artist. I gotta talk to him directly as to how he found out about the artist and what he likes about his works. But i figured i should take a look at it myself. I don't know how to describe his works. But i can totally see its uniqueness. Its very organic, very wave-like. It just has this ugly coolness to it. I just can't describe it... but its just gnarly.


Frank Frazetta is probably one of the greatest illustrators of the 20th Century. A lot of works we see today have some Frazetta in it. Especially a lot of medieval fantasy genre illustrations. He is mainly well known for a lot of the Conan illustrations. But one thing is, this man is versatile. He actually can cartoon, and also paint realistically. So his range is just huge and endless. He even lost his ability to use his left hand, so he started to learn to draw with his right. And it still had the same look but a little different obviously. May he rest in peace. Thank you for being alive and showing us...



I've always loved lego. Especially lego sculptures. Making legos, like how Nathan Sawaya does seem simple but it isnt. It simply is like working pixel by pixel in order to create something great and smooth. And this man has pushed the boundaries and smoothen the sharpe curves of the lego blocks. I especially love this BIRTH piece. You can see that the blue lego figure is finishing himself piece by piece.


I've seen this poster the first time at the Bar Louie on Polk St and Dearborn St., right by the 731 S Plymouth Ct. dormitory. I love the interaction of the type and the bartender. Very old school, art deco poster. Just love how the drinks are on top of the letters how he is holding the word 'bitter' with his right hand. Brilliant.



I felt like listening to Postal Service one day. Then i looked up their bio on wikipedia. Found out a singer from RILO KILEY had sung some songs with Postal Service. Then i looked up Rilo Kiley and looked up the singer, Jenny Lewis. Turns out, she was an actress. Then the movie Foxfire came up. Which lead me to watching it. The main girl, sort of, is played by Angelina Jolie. She plays a girl named Legs. A tomboy, rebel, leather jacket and boots type of girl. And i find Jolie in this role to be very very attractive. Something about me have some fetish of girls beeing boyish but still keeping there feminine figure and face alot. Guess its the idea of them just playing a role, not really being boyish for real. But Jolie in this film reminds me of Aya as Tsurumoto Nao, a similar character to legs.

So Jolie to me is hotter when younger in this movie. Not to mention the unexpected nude scenes. Didn't see that coming.



A very interesting film. One of those simple films i enjoy in terms of small cast, simple story, and unpredictable story sequences. I guess the fact that it was pretty is what draws me the most. Mainly talks about relationships. dreams, insomniac, art, work, everything that i can simply related to right now. At first it reminded me of Art School Confidential, but that was a horrible movie. Really was. I would said this would a more of a successor to that.

I can totally related with the character, Ben.


I was first looking for an image of a Rhinoceros. And an image of Theo Jansen's Rhinoceros came up. I at first thought it was a architecture of some sort by the beach. But as i saw more images of it, it seemed to have moved. So i jumped onto Youtube and found these clips. And i kid you not, i nearly shit in my pants when i saw those things moved.

Not only are they designed really uniquely but the movements are just phenomenal.

Wow. This seriously made my day.



I browsing through some interesting jesus statues. I was mainly looking for the Christ Redeemer. Then i stumbled upon these two.

Very interesting and modern depiction. I really like the sharp flat surfaces. I just love the contrast of the organic and the feeling of a mechanic. Reminds me so much of RC from the Transformers or Tron or something.



I was introduced by Moebius by my teacher in 2D Design, Brady Haston. Moebius' art was very familiar looking to me since Toriyama Akira and Miyazaki Hayao had such resemblance to his style, especially the hatching and the dusty dirty look of their illustration. This illustration shows such a significant difference by letting Moebius touch the canvas and put his take on american comic books. American comic books are known for its dominant black inks and this piece clearly shows more hatching more than everything. Not to mention the light and contrast is all signified by the hatching while the colors are technically one flat color per element.



I just love the vintage quality of this poster, especially the fake folds and tears all over the poster. as well as the concept of Rose McGowan's character having an automatic gun as her leg. Brilliant.

V for Vendetta

When i first saw this movie poster i fell in love with the composition and its take on the Russian Constructivist look of design. It was basically a nice eye-opener after those long years of boring ass photo composed and manipulated posters which we see a lot today.

Doctor Zhivago

Just another old school illustrated movie covers that i personally love and miss seeing the light of day...



I recall seeing this nicely illustrated cover when i was at a record store looking for cool second hand vinyls with great illustrations. For some reason i didn't buy it. But i loved the randomness and the way the composition of this piece was composed. A great mix of sci-fi and western.