I've been fond of this drink every since i lived in Osaka. I don't recall when i had my first taste but ever since then i've been buying Canada Dry ginger ale for a long time. Whenever i think of ginger ale, its Canada Dry. I even bought some old vintage print ads. That clearly shows how much i love this drink. One memory i remember is one prom night, possibly my junior year prom. We all went out to a bar/club at Ayala Mall. Everyone was drinking some alcohol, back then i wasn't into it at all or was not into the wave of getting drunk. So i ordered a ginger ale. I at first didn't know what to drink but the moment i saw it listed on the menu i ordered it right away. I guess nobody in Cebu had heard of ginger ale. So they literally thought i was drinking since it was on a bottle and resembled a Heineken.

I might go buy some tonight. I especially dig the small 6 pack bottles.



This is somewhat of a new store in Belmont and Clark. More of Clark and School to be exact. At first i was pretty skeptical about the store since i'm such a loyal Rotofugi customer. But as i recently stepped into the store. Its actually not bad. A lot of the vinyl toys they sell there are great. I bought this one toy where its a crocodile that can split its body in half and it wears 2 pairs of socks on all its feet. Pretty neat.


As i was watching youtube, i typed in Suzuki Emi just for the curiosity from seeing her in Galsa. Which lead to a Pinky CM with her in it. And the background music playing was Feels Gonna Feel by RamRider. The second i heard it, i was like 'who is that?!'. Then its RamRider. Watched a bunch of videos on youtube. And almost every song got me hooked. Its just a perfect marriage of Daft Punk and Supercar. I just ordered this album.


The Right Brain

I'm left-handed. And as they say, left handed people are right-brained. The right hemisphere of the brain is know to be the more 'artistically' creative. Whatever that means, whether it is true or not. I like how this illustration illustrates that in way.



Currently watching this show. Really interesting and gets you sucked in. Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota is just great.

[Based on the manga series of the same name, Toda Erika plays an honest college student, Kanzaki Nao, who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the "Liar Game". The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million dollars. At the end, the winner gets the hundred million and the loser is a hundred million yen in debt. The next day, she receives notification that her opponent is her former teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo. She goes to him, seeking help, but ends up getting tricked into handing her money over. Desperate, she approaches the police for help, but they are unable to do anything. However, she is told of a mastermind swindler, Akiyama Shinichi, who is to be released from jail the next day. Desperate, she goes to him for help. -- Rikayla (Updated by Backalley)]



At work today, surprisingly the customer was Ichiro. He had 13 other friends with him. Few of the customers were going crazy. Especially the kids. It was nice to see him close in the flesh. Last time i saw him was during a game against the White Sox. He was wearing a popular brand t-shirt. A skull with a tongue sticking out.



I recently am a fan of these Ito En Latte series sold in Whole Foods Market. I was kind of skeptical when i bought it but after i drank it i was hooked. Definitely need to pick up some more since i drank em all.

Always - Sunset on Third Street

Going to watch this movie today. Seems very interesting. Always loved the poster as it feels very vintage and has that Drew Struzan meets Japanese illustration feeling. Might want a poster of this.



Bought myself a plant today from a neighborhood shop ROSCOE BLOOMS. Nice little store with nice interiors and cool looking plants with containers.

It is weird to say what my reason is for buying a plant. As to what enlightened me to buy one. I guess its my way to taking care of something. Ideally it would be a dog. But a dog requires massive attention, dog walking, and paying for food. Right now isn't the perfect time to buy one, as if there ever is a perfect time. But i just needed or wanted more i guess, of a plant.

Use to have a lot of them back home in Philippines. As my mom loved plants. Especially in Elizabeth Pond. Back in Emerald Compound we only had a few. But i was always the one water them whenever i got home from school.

So its nice to have plant in the apartment. Just have to get used to figuring out the routine of watering it and cleaning it.