Pink Lady

Pink Lady was a famous Japanese female pop duo. They were big in the late 70s and 80s. I know of them through my mom. I always hear her talk of them and for some reason i start downloaded a few of their tracks. Its also because of Downtowns episode on Pink Lady, which made me want to research and listen to their tracks. I guess its all because of the Downtown show. If i don't know anything about Pink Lady, then i can't laugh at their jokes.

Listening to their songs now just brings that nostalgic feeling of that time. I can't feel the nostalgic memory obvious since i wasn't born at the time. But you know what i mean. When you hear the oldies, you feel the oldness of that time, even if you don't even have a recollection.

Luckily i have YouTube to bring me back to that era to show me the clips when Pink LAdy was around.

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