Sony Walkman W

This the recent mp3 player Sony released at the end of 2009. As a design, it is extremely cool. I guess in the sense that its the only mp3 player out there that i know of where it is the headphone itself. Honestly, i have had this sort of concept way back in the day as a kid when i was using my Sony CD Walkman. Just that thought of "How cool could it be if the music player was only a headphone. My idea went further which is basically just the earphone itself without a single chord. I am sure some idea or concept similar to this is out there somewhere and most likely making it even smaller than i thought. Almost to a point that its like a hearing aid. Honestly the hearing aid design is probably the best way to go for an mp3 player. There should be a music player thats going to be good for us physically, without damaging too much of our ear.

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