I've been fond of this drink every since i lived in Osaka. I don't recall when i had my first taste but ever since then i've been buying Canada Dry ginger ale for a long time. Whenever i think of ginger ale, its Canada Dry. I even bought some old vintage print ads. That clearly shows how much i love this drink. One memory i remember is one prom night, possibly my junior year prom. We all went out to a bar/club at Ayala Mall. Everyone was drinking some alcohol, back then i wasn't into it at all or was not into the wave of getting drunk. So i ordered a ginger ale. I at first didn't know what to drink but the moment i saw it listed on the menu i ordered it right away. I guess nobody in Cebu had heard of ginger ale. So they literally thought i was drinking since it was on a bottle and resembled a Heineken.

I might go buy some tonight. I especially dig the small 6 pack bottles.

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