I recall this live-action + animation movie back when i was a kid. I knew there was something to it but i couldn't put my finger as to what was wrong with the movie. Obviously it was the sex in the cartoon. Very unrated movie. Only a few people would know if this films existence as people said it was shit compared to Roger Rabbit. But the thing is, it isn't and very far from it. People seem to associate animation to Disney. Even Ghibli. But not everything is 'Disney-fied'. Cool World had its own flavor too. I honestly would wanna see it today and even own it just the fact that its rare and it was one of the old school movies where Brad Pitt was not even well-known yet. I just felt some bizarre connection to this movie. For its creepiness and surreal quality. Besides the hot Holli character played by Kim Basinger. But initially the concept of a cartoonist going into his own cartoon world is just simply an awesome idea. And truly fucked up.

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