I felt like listening to Postal Service one day. Then i looked up their bio on wikipedia. Found out a singer from RILO KILEY had sung some songs with Postal Service. Then i looked up Rilo Kiley and looked up the singer, Jenny Lewis. Turns out, she was an actress. Then the movie Foxfire came up. Which lead me to watching it. The main girl, sort of, is played by Angelina Jolie. She plays a girl named Legs. A tomboy, rebel, leather jacket and boots type of girl. And i find Jolie in this role to be very very attractive. Something about me have some fetish of girls beeing boyish but still keeping there feminine figure and face alot. Guess its the idea of them just playing a role, not really being boyish for real. But Jolie in this film reminds me of Aya as Tsurumoto Nao, a similar character to legs.

So Jolie to me is hotter when younger in this movie. Not to mention the unexpected nude scenes. Didn't see that coming.

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