I'm currently intrigued by this Japanese graphic novel. Not only by its context but for its graphic illustrations by Obata Takeshi. I've never read such a graphic novel where i take my time reading and slowly absorbing every vivid detail, every specific lines, forms, contrasts, etc. Frame by frame, the illustrations are well drawn, the plot just keeps you excited. You think you wanna stop but you ended up going one volume further than you expected.


Jon Wilcox said...

Oh look, you have a blog. I'm adding this to my RSS.

Jon Wilcox said...

Oh yeah, also, have you ever been to http://www.notcot.org ? It's a really nice blog/site highlighting interesting things in the areas of design, industrial and product design, animation, illustration, etc. etc. etc. Check it out.

phoez said...

deathnote is a fine fine piece of work, it is so brilliantly writen "genius vs genius". every episode surpasses the previous one. it really gets you glued. what episode are you watching?