Whenever i have the chance. i always make sure to pick up a Japanese Street Magazine from Asahiya, sorry, now Shinseido Bookstore. I used to pick up Boon, but somehow i don't see it too often or they just simply disappear right away because of the demands. Other similar magazines are Cool Trans, Smart, or Get-On. I get mostly any of those but i think by far StreetJack is my favorite magazine to pick up. Some lame reasons i pick any one of them is because of the free stuff that comes with the magazine. From keychains, little bags, flip flops, beanie hats, stickers, buttons, to anything you can think of (no sweaters or jackets of course, i got a sock once). But if you simply like materialistic things and high end street fashion but can't afford it, pick one up at a local Japanese bookstore. It fun flipping through it and see what type of fashion America will slowly pick up (when Japan simply gets influenced alot by the American fashion, irony).

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