I have this weird thing about cafes, coffeshops, just coffee in general. I'm not an expert or an extreme coffee drinker. But i enjoy exploring around for places and try to give my own sort of review or mark it somewhere in my head. I think it all started with the fact that the city has way too many Starbucks. Down by my neighborhood theres about 4 Starbucks, down by school theres about 10.

Lavazza. I first laid my eyes on this place down on Randolph and State. Just a little bit passed Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack. Its an Italian Cafe. Franchised like Starbucks but not as big or not having much of a reputation. But if you walk in, its a different atmosphere and obviously its no Starbucks. I found out there is another in the city down on east of Jackson and like LaSalle.

The logo is graphically simple and catchy. I even want to pick up a mug from there someday. Just because it has the logo on it.

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