T-Shirt Depot + Cozygen

Few years back when i used to live in Osaka. I recall going to ATC with my mom and dad, and i was overwhelmed by this one store they had there called T-Shirt Depot. What the store basically has is nothing but t-shirts. All sorts of designs that come in 16 or so different colors and different sizes. All lined up on one shelf color-to-color. It was amazing, i haven't seen anything like it. I felt like a little kid on a candy store. Sadly on my first visit i only got 3 shirts. If i recall the prices are great too. They were about 1500 Yen per shirt so $15. I recall getting a black shirt with a samurai, blue shirt with this cool graphic, and a dark green shirt which i don't recall what the design was.

Only thing i have now is a shirt with On Your Bike design, Puppyfat, and this Japanese english shirt with texts on it. I believe i bought those at the store Right-On, which carries a few Cozygen shirts.

If i had the chance. I would visit that store again.

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